Learn about our human-centered approach

When we talk about learning and development we talk about humans, about the challenges they face, about what drives them, about being a professional on all levels. Yet learning solutions are often considered uninteresting, intrusive and not engaging by users. So why not rethink the current world of “e-learning” and envision rich, versatile, and yet fundamentally human-powered learning interactions? We want to bridge the gap between learning and the learner. That is what we call a human-centered-approach.

Do you face these challenges when training your staff?

Mastering Complexity
– technology is everywhere
– more and more things are interrelated
– use technology to support the learning strategy, not dictate it

Customer Focus
– operational disturbance should be minimized
– more and more (soft) skills apply for all levels of employees
– leverage technology for a truly blended learning experience

Continuous Learning
– internalization should happen on personal and organization level
– big numbers are challenging and the flexibility of training
– retention rates (now 20% after 2 weeks) should be improved

Employee Engagement
– millennials, a completely digitally native generation, are poised to take over the workforce
– incorporate and facilitate “autonomy, mastery and purpose”
– frequent feedback on progress is human, yet often absent

What we can do for you

Our current solution, promises to do the following:
– make a real job environment an interactive, immersive learning space
– immerse and thus engage your user on learning content
– optimal learning and fun through gamification
– maximize /combine parts of the 70-20-10 framework
– provide compact learning and in snackable pieces
– providing personal learning when your users want it
– utilizing already in pocket technology to help people to learn better
– cut costs and/or get more value for money already spent


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